New Blackhead Suction Instrument To Remove Blackheads Acne Acne Artifact Pore Cleaner Electric Visual Blackhead Instrument


Function: hot compress, clean, remove blackheads, remove acne, suppress acne, shrink poresWhether it is portable: yesColor: WhiteApplicable scene: homeItem number:F31Whether to use electricity: yesBluetooth: support mobile APP connectionWorking time: about 40...

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Function: hot compress, clean, remove blackheads, remove acne, suppress acne, shrink pores

Whether it is portable: yes

Color: White

Applicable scene: home

Item number:F31

Whether to use electricity: yes

Bluetooth: support mobile APP connection

Working time: about 40 minutes

Product material: ABS

Size: 168.1*34.2*54.1mm

Adapter: 5V/1A

Battery: 2000mAh

Net weight: 154g

Charging time: 2 hours

Gear: 1-3

①The whole process of the mobile APP is visually operated, saying goodbye to blind suction;

②View mode, 20 times magnification, LED fill light 360° surround illumination, accurately lock the position of blackheads

③Hot compress mode, 42 ℃ constant temperature heating, open pores, soften stubborn blackheads

④Blackhead mode, three levels of suction can be adjusted, suitable for oily, dry and mixed skin types

⑤Blue light care mode, 415nm wavelength blue light, effectively sterilize and inhibit the secretion of sebaceous gland oil, inhibit the production of blackheads and acne

⑥With 3 nozzles of different sizes, it is suitable for different areas of the face.


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